Just Thoughts

>> Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I was on Transworld's web site today and saw a post about how Deadlung has officially signed with Battaleon or how ever you spell it. I thought sick Lungs a good homie, I'll check it out. As I scrolled down page, a got to the comments and for the most part all I saw was a bunch of shit talking. It's all good, your entitled to your opinon and to speak freely. I got no problem with that. The problem I have is, the name's of the people that posted that shit, The Man, I Rip, gw777, fuckin whatever. All I know is it was a bunch of fake ass names. Now call me old school but when I was growin up if you talked some shit it was a fact that the person you where talking shit on was gona know it was you. There was no fake internet names to hide behind. You had to deal with the reprocutions of your actions. The internet to me is a bunch fuckin haters and cowards. If you got some shit to say, man up and put down your real name. If not shut the fuck up and get of your computer.

DeadLung Ripping